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At BC Coatings we manufacture and supply polyurethane surface coatings as well as polyester coatings, epoxies, lacquers, UV protective coatings, and Vetrocolor, our specialty glass coating system.

BC Coatings is a family owned and operated business that has been operating for over 25 years. We are committed to the development, manufacture, and supply of quality surface coatings products. Over the many years in the paint industry BC has developed a diverse range of products for a variety of industries including the kitchen industry, automotive, marine, glass, and aviation to name a few.

International Markets

BC Coatings exports to over 15 countries worldwide.  These major markets include the UK, China, South Africa, the US, India, UAE and Singapore. Our unique Vetrocolor glass coating system makes it a market leader both here in Australia and overseas.


ISO9001 Quality Management System

We pride ourselves here at BC Coatings for our quality management system, which is ISO9001 certified by NCIS, an international accreditation body. Quality management ensures the product we supply is of the highest and consistent quality every single time. Our quality control lab and colour matching labs have the latest testing equipment and the highly qualified and trained staff ensure only the best product leaves the factory. For more information on ISO9001, please visit here.


BC Coatings is proud to present Aquacolor. Aquacolor is a revolutionary water based painting system for a variety of surfaces.
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