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Frequently asked questions


What product should I use?

We always recommend speaking to one of our Technical Advisors, you can find one that is the most suitable to you here. You can also view this table that has all the information required to narrow the choice down for which product you require.

Do your products come with a warranty?

Most of our equipment and accessories are from our highly sought after brands which come with their own warranty. These differ depending on the brand. Please see below our most common brands warranty period.


3 years when warranty registration is completed.

Read more about Festool Warranty.


2 years + 1 year (if registered online) or

1 year when the tool is continuously used in industrial applications.

Read more about Mirka Warranty.


1 year

BC coatings paint products can be issued with a warranty although the warranties we give are job specific and by request pending investigation by our technical staff.

Do you have non-yellowing coatings?

We have many superior products that are non-yellowing, see the table below for more information.

UT160 2K UV MAX 2K CLEAR TOPCOAT - 4:1 mix

UT160 UV Max 2 Pack Clear Topcoat is an acrylic polyurethane modified with UV Absorbers designed to maintain maximum appearance for the maximum length of time.

The product has been designed to act as a self-sealing finish to provide the maximum Ultra-Violet protection and to minimise veneer yellowing or colour change to cabinets etc exposed to intermittent sunlight.

Its principal area of application is in the decoration and protection of man- made veneers such as ‘New Age’ veneers and is used in the cabinet and wall panel industries.


UT100 2K External Acrylic Polyurethane is a two pack non yellowing coating designed to maintain a superior appearance for the longest period of time. Its principal application is for the decoration and protection of railway rolling stock, auto refinish, buses, marine craft, signage, concrete and masonry. 

When used with UT450 Hardener, UT100 becomes a fast dry durable internal topcoat that offers the same qualities as outlined above.

A full range of colours are available and matched on request.


BC180 Quick Dry Shop Primer is a fast drying undercoat based on a tough synthetic, phenolic modified, alkyd resin and zinc phosphate for use under Enamels, Lacquers and other industrial coatings to give good adhesion and anti-corrosive properties on steel, metals and some manufactured hardboards.

Available in Blue, Red, White, Black, Yellow & Grey (Light, Medium & Dark).

UW1100 1K WATERBORNE CLEAR - Waterbased, 1K

1K Environmentally Friendly UW interior water-borne Clear system has been formulated with the environment in mind. The UW Range has Zero - Low VOC and Low Odor.

This clear finish is non-yellowing and great for use over light natural wood colours. UW Clear is fast drying and has exceptional flow. Cleans up with water and is non-flammable. When dried, has outstanding durability.

UW1160 1K UV MAX CLEAR - Waterbased, 1K

UW1160 is a single component, non-yellowing, clear water borne coating designed as a quality durable finish for timber substrates. The product is designed to act as a self sealing finish to provide excellent UV Protection to minimise colour change or yellowing of solid timber or veneer substrates. 

It is particularly effective in the protection of man made veneers such as 'New - Age' Veneers used in cabinet work or wall panelling etc. UW1160 is NOT designed for direct exterior exposure. It is suitable for indirect exterior exposure.

Delivery & Returns

I’ve received the wrong item or my item is damaged in transit – what do I do?

We are constantly improving our processes, but if you happen to have received an incorrect item or your item was damaged in transit, please call us immediately on 1300 BCCOAT (222 628).

What is your return policy?

All return of goods must have prior authorisation. Goods which have been incorrectly supplied by BC Coatings will be accepted back for a full credit provided the error is reported to BC Coatings within 7 days of receipt of goods.

Where a customer wishes to return stocked items for any reason other than incorrect supply, the following requirements must be established before a return is authorised.

a) Saleability

b) Age of goods

c) Condition of goods and packaging

Goods that are past their used by date, or in an unsaleable condition will be unable to be returned.

Please contact us on 1300 BCCOAT (222 628) before returning anything to us.

What happens if I have a backorder?

Any stocked item ordered that cannot be supplied immediately will automatically be placed on back order, unless specially requested otherwise by the customer.

All back orders will be freight free upon receipt of the goods.

If you have more questions about delivery, see our delivery page.


What is VOC?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature. Their high vapor pressure results from a low boiling point, which causes large numbers of molecules to evaporate or sublimate from the liquid or solid form of the compound and enter the surrounding air, a trait known as volatility. For example, formaldehyde, which evaporates from paint and releases from materials like resin, has a boiling point of only –19 °C (–2 °F).

VOCs are numerous, varied, and ubiquitous. They include both human-made and naturally occurring chemical compounds. Most scents or odors are of VOCs. VOCs play an important role in communication between plants, and messages from plants to animals. Some VOCs are dangerous to human health or cause harm to the environment. Anthropogenic VOCs are regulated by law, especially indoors, where concentrations are the highest.

Harmful VOCs typically are not acutely toxic, but have compounding long-term health effects. Because the concentrations are usually low and the symptoms slow to develop, research into VOCs and their effects is difficult.

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