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Maintain the appearance of your polyurethane kitchen

16 Mar 2020 | TIPS & ADVICE

BC Coatings polyurethane paint is the cornerstone of our business as it makes up about 50% of our sales, and it's not hard to see why. 

Our polyurethane products give a hard, durable finish to timber, timber veneers, M.D.F, particle boards or cementitious boards after suitable sealing and priming.

Its industrial quality makes it the perfect choice for kitchen cabinets in particular as it protects the wood by sealing the pores, providing a protective barrier against moisture, aiding in the resistance of dirt and bacteria (vital in a kitchen environment!)

Polyurethane paint is also important as it is versatile in regards to decoration of the panels - making it possible to add color and texture to the finish.

If you use the wrong cleaning solutions on a polyurethane finish, though, you may weaken or damage it.

It is important that you are aware of how to care for and help maintain the appearance of your Polyurethane Kitchen, ensuring the longevity of it.

Please take note of the following when cleaning your kitchen:

General Regular Cleaning:

It is best to clean your Polyurethane Kitchen with a sponge or a soft cloth and any household cleaning detergents or products.

Abrasive cleaning agents must NOT be used.

The product is suitable for polishing with a soft cloth if required. Felt tipped marker damage should be removed using methylated spirits if used within 48 hours.
Mechanical Damage:

Should the panels be physically scored, chipped or scraped in any way please consult the manufacturer for the best method of repair / replacement.

Scratch damage can usually be repaired simply by application of the top coat (available from the manufacturer) using a fine camel brush.


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