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The cost & waste efficient masking solution

28 Aug 2019 | TIPS & ADVICE

What is Spray & Peel?

Spray & Peel is a liquid masking solution, The blue and clear Spray & Peel is perfect for use on the back of kitchen doors and spray booth walls for protection against overspray. Spray & Peel is also available in white which is commonly used for the inside of spray booth walls for protection against overspray.


Why use Spray & Peel?

Spray & Peel can drastically reduce the amount of waste you make. Other masking solutions such as papers and tapes can leave you with a higher volume of rubbish to dispose of, costing you more in garbage removal fees.

Spray & Peel is quick to apply and will save you countless hours compared with other masking solutions, this in turn will save you money on labour.


What do you need?

  • A spray gun – We are using a Star SG4000 with a 2mm set up
  • For quicker application, we suggest using a pressure pot with a Star S-770 gun with 1.5mm tip
  • Some MEK Thinners and
  • Mixing cups


You can implement this quick and easy solution by following these simple steps:

  1. Pour the Spray & Peel into a mixing cup
  2. Thin the product with 10% of MEK
  3. Mix the two together
  4. Add the solution to the gravity pot and attach it to your gun
  5. Spray 2 coats of Spray & Peel, it will dry in about 10 minutes
  6. Next, Prepare the undercoat, we are using BC PE230 Polyester undercoat
  7. Spray the undercoat onto the front of the panel
  8. After the undercoat is dry, you can apply the topcoat
  9. After the front of the panel has been sprayed and is dry, you can easily peel off the Spray and Peel leaving a professional, overspray-free finish

Spray & Peel will adhere to bare metal and most other cleaned surfaces. It will dry in about 10 minutes and can be easily removed once it’s dry. Spray & Peel is available in a 20 litre drum, contact us today to find out more or to order this amazing product.


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