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AT883 Auto 2K Clear (Kit)
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AT883 Clear is a Premium Quality 2-pack high gloss, isocyanate cured acrylic polyurethane clear coat based on the latest acrylic resin technology. The durable coating delivers exceptional reproduction of OEM Original Finishes, excellent weathering and performance properties (when applied over solvent-borne & waterborne basecoats) and is suitable for use where a premium quality refinish grade 2K PU Clear Coat coating is required. 

AT883 Clear will reproduce original finish gloss, flow and image clarity with minimum effort & in the shortest possible time. This clear coat is particularly suitable for use for panel repairs, large sections, blending & all over repaints.

This product is one of the products featured in the win a W400 Gold Spray Gun offer!

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Type:2 Pack
Gloss Level:Full Gloss 
Mixing Ratio:3:1 (5L: 1.67L)
Hardener:AT883 Ultra Fast, Fast, Medium, Slow 
Reducers:AT651 Medium
Substrates:Properly primed metal, aluminium, MDF/Chip Board & Solid Wood, Fiberglass (Gelcoat, SMC)
Kit Size:6.67L Kit (5 Part A, 1.67 Part B)
Data Sheets:TBC

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