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Bump cap for SR 570
SKU: GMASKPA197-06166
$ 59.59 + GST
Status: Stocked

A bump cap may be worn where the user risks knocking their head on a hard, sharp or protruding object, for instance in confined spaces. A bump cap is not a safety helmet and, for this reason, should not be used to protect against falling or moving objects. The T06-0602 bump cap is designed to be used with the Sundström SR 570 shield.

The user can fit the bump cap easily to the SR 570, such that the complete product provides head protection for the user. The product protects the user's head if it collides with stationary objects. The bump cap can be used with the SR 570 shield in all the configurations the shield is approved for. 

Service temperature:
-10 – +55ºC, < 90 %
RH Storage temperature:
-20 – +40ºC, < 90 % RH Weight
SR 570 with Bump cap weight:
940 g 
EN 812:2012

Bump cap for SR 570 - $ 59.59 + GST

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