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PE231LS (Low Styrene) White Polyester Undercoat
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PE231 LS Polyester Undercoat is a 3 (three) part high build undercoat for use on very absorbent substrates.

Combined with its excellent sanding properties, it provides a smooth surface for top coating to matt and high gloss finishes.

PE231 LS Polyester Undercoat has been designed to contain less than 10 % by weight styrene monomer unlike conventional high build polyester undercoats which may contain up to 20 % by weight of styrene monomer.

This mimimizes the odor problem some people find objectionable with higher levels of styrene.

For industrial use only in spray areas complying with relevant regulations.

Ensure PE230 Accelerator and PE230/PE330 Hardener are kept WELL AWAY from each other as VIOLENT REACTIONS may occur.

Pack:3 Pack
Mixing Ratio:

PE231 WHITE LS NCA UNDERCOAT - PART “A” - 1000 gm by weight

PE230 POLYESTER ACCELERATOR - PART “C” - 4.5 gm by weight

Stir thoroughly BEFORE adding the PE230/PE330 Hardener otherwise VIOLENT REACTIONS may occur.

PE230 / PE330 POLYESTER HARDENER - PART “B” - 16.7 gm by weight

Hardener:PE230 / PE330
Industry:Furniture, Kitchen, Bathroom, Joinery
Substrates:Furniture, various wood substrates (MDF, chipboard) and fibreglass
Colour Matching:Not available
Packaging:20 Litres
Data sheets:Click here

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