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Ensuring your reputation is maintained

Why choose BC?

Quality products.

Our products are tried and tested to perform in Australia’s harsh conditions and for durability and high performance to meet Australian standards.

Testing facilities.

We offer our R&D lab to our customers for product and project specific testing to ensure the best outcome for your project.

Colour matching service.

Our colour matching labs have the latest advanced colour matching and testing equipment and our highly qualified and trained staff ensure only the best product leaves the factory.

Technical support.

Our Technical Advisors are available to help with any advice you require on the best products to use for a specific job, technical questions or help with equipment.

Environmentally conscious.

We constantly look for ways to prevent pollution, protect our environment and improve our environmental performance. We ensure that compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements is at a minimum acceptable standard at all times. We have products that are low VOC and offer a waterbased range.


We can offer warranties for large scale jobs which are project specific.
Warranties are awarded if all appropriate conditions are met and the substrate is prepared and sprayed by a BC Approved Applicator.

How much is your reputation worth?

As a Specifier or Architect, your reputation is everything. Being able to depend on a manufacturer or supplier is of the utmost importance and you can’t afford to be let down. At BC Coatings, we understand this and have ensured exceptional quality control of our products to be sure you are happy with our product, our support and our service.

We are so confident in what we do, that we open our laboratory to our customers for complimentary testing on your substrate and our products for large scale projects. We use advanced testing machines such as our QUV artificial weathering machine to ensure we eliminate any issues you may face before commencement of your project.

We believe it is better to address potential environmental issues before completion of a project. Some issues can occur on certain substrates such as reconstituted, dyed, natural veneers and solid timber. It is important to note that some timber species may allow a degree of colour shift.


Other factors which our testing can help with include:

• High exposure to sunlight / UV light fastness

• Environments with high moisture

• Certain glues and adhesives used on substrates

• Tannins in the substrate

• Discolouration / yellowing

Our Control Test Panels for UT400 series, UV Max & Waterbased products have successfully undergone 5,000+ hours of exposure.

BC Coatings have an impressive Laboratory where we develop and test our products. Our products are tried and tested to perform in Australia's harsh conditions and for durability and high performance to meet Australian standards.

We extend the use of our laboratory and elaborate testing machines to companies seeking to test their own products or have us develop products for them.

Below you will see some of the testing machines we utilise to ensure the highest quality products to outperform and outlast others on the market.

QUV Artificial Weathering.

The QUV Artificial Weathering machine exposes the coating to specific wavelengths of Ultra Violet Light and humidity to simulate and accelerate the exposure of coatings to exterior weather conditions.

Salt Spray Testing.

The Salt Fog Chamber accelerates the exposure of coatings to a corrosive environment. This technique is especially effective in the testing of heavy duty and marine coatings.

UV Curing.

The UV Curing machine uses the high intensity of Ultra Violet Light to initiate a photo-chemical reaction that generates a cross-linked network of polymers to cure specially formulated coatings in seconds.

Industrial Oven.

The Industrial Oven is used to:

• Accelerate the drying of paint
• Test heat stability of the paint film
• Test the accelerated in can stability of the liquid paint
• Carry out some analytical testing

We are certified.

BC Coatings have been certified under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) standard which is internationally recognised. Our adherence to this standard ensures products meet the expectations and needs of our customers.

Tested & approved.

Our products are tried and tested to perform in Australia’s harsh conditions and for durability and high performance to meet Australian standards. All our products have been fully industry tested and accredited.

Specifiers & Architects Specification Guide.

Download the Specifiers & Architects Specification Guide to learn more about our company, quality products & why you should choose us to help with your specifications.

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