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We develop, manufacture & supply quality surface coatings.

Like our products, we stand the test of time.

BC Coatings has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1978 to become one of the largest industrial paint manufacturers in the country. Growing from a 5 staff operation to now over 90, BC Coatings has become a testament to what commitment, innovation and great customer service can achieve.

BC Coatings is a family owned and operated business and are committed to the development, manufacture, and supply of quality surface coatings products. We manufacture and supply polyurethane surface coatings as well as polyester coatings, epoxies, enamels, lacquers, UV protective coatings, Vetrocolor (our specialty glass coating system) and many, many more quality products to over 15 countries all over the world.

Over the many years in the paint industry BC Coatings has developed a diverse range of products for a variety of industries including the kitchen industry, automotive, marine, glass, and aviation to name a few.

Our mission is simple.

BC Coatings’ mission is to continue to provide our valued customers with support, quality of service and complete satisfaction well into the future.
We endeavor to continue to develop and improve every aspect of our products, processes and service.

We will continue to research and develop new technology to meet the needs of our customers. We will fine tune our team to ensure the most dedicated and focused people are helping our customers achieve the best end result.

Customer Service is the back bone of our company and if all of our customers’ needs are met, our goal has been fulfilled, to make a difference to our customers and their businesses. We pride ourselves on our ability to create and maintain success through customer recommendations and believe this is the best way to continue to grow.

Effort is not enough without purpose & direction.


David Decorte

Technical Director

David Decorte began developing his experience in the surface coatings industry in Graphic Arts with F.T Wimble & Co where he completed his degree in Applied Science. He was a founding member and Technical Manager for technology company Vapocure Limited which sold licences to the likes of Dupont and Sumitomo.

He also worked as Technical Director of Chemidry Pty Ltd which licenced its paint drying technology to such companies as Wattyl, Taubmans and Croda Paints. Appointed as Technical Director at BC Coatings in 1994, David now has over 50 years of industry experience and continues to build on his wealth of experience.

Serge Sola

Sales & Marketing Director

Sergio Sola’s earliest contact with the industry was when he worked in sales, service and installation of draft spray booths for the automotive refinish market. He gained invaluable experience here, in customer service.
Exposure to contract review procedures and marketing techniques were developed in Europe, Asia and the USA whilst working for Sola Industries and Chemidry Pty Ltd.

Sergio was appointed as Sales & Marketing Director in 1994 and his customer skills have been a primary factor in the company’s growth. Sergio continues to help many customers still, after 35 years plus industry experience.

Our Evolution.



Founded under the name of
‘De Havilland Paint Products’, the company made its humble start in the industry with Signage being the predominant market the company
was involved in.


The company was purchased by Serge Sola and David Decorte, giving the name ‘BC Coatings’ to the company.
The company was located in Botany, NSW where the business grew with the introduction of our small order Colour Matching service.


BC Coatings developed an interior grade polyurethane called UT900, predominantly for the Kitchen Industry. The business continued to grow with the introduction of this product with many new customers.


Our Vetrocolor Glass Coating System took off and fueled continuous growth within the company along with various contracts with overseas companies.


BC Coatings continues to improve and refine our processes and products to ensure customer satisfaction which is atop of our priority list.
Diversification into new markets such as Auto refinish, protective coatings and concrete protection are currently being pursued.


Space constraints once more resulted in various solutions being considered with the expansion of the Smithfield site finally being abandoned in favour of a move to Ingleburn, NSW in January 2018.
The factory is 4 times larger, on five times the land size as Smithfield.


Environmentally Sound
BC Coatings created and perfected our first waterborne products, introducing our ‘Aquacolor’ range. Aquacolor has low VOC content and is recognised as being environmentally sound.


The company by this stage had outgrown the Botany premises and moved to a larger factory in Smithfield, NSW.
This period was one of rapid growth in all our traditional markets which saw turnover increase from $2M to $20M during our stay.

Our products have proven themselves time & time again.

BC Coatings have made an impact on many businesses in many industries throughout Australia and internationally.
Our most popular products include the Vetrocolor Glass Coating System, Aquacolor Water Based System, Metal Glaze
Liquefied Metal System, UT100 External Acrylic Polyurethane, UT900 Interior Polyurethane, UT105 Metallic Acrylic
Polyurethane, UT160 UV Max Clear Polyurethane, UT173 Anti-stealth Polyurethane, our Premium Automotive range, Zilch!
UT405 Super Matte and 600 Spirit Stain. We sell many more products, browse our full range today.

Industry opportunities.

Always looking forward into the future.

The time we put into our processes is evident in the finished product.




Quality Control.

Environmental Goals.

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