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We develop, manufacture & supply quality surface coatings.

The time we put into our processes is the key to quality

Quality assurance is of the utmost importance


Our Laboratory is on-site and is overseen by our innovative head chemist. The lab is used for the creation and independent testing of all our products ensuring the quality of our products for the benefit of our customers.

Our chemist can provide tailored solutions for your company and can work with you to achieve your desired goals.
Our products are tried and tested to perform in Australia's harsh conditions and for durability and high performance to meet Australian standards.

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The Production process is very important. Our facilities have the capability of manufacturing up to 2,600 litres in a batch.

The process begins with a formula. This formula presents all the important information and steps required to manufacture a product. Raw materials (ingredients) are then collected and prepared and all materials are combined step by step in precise increments.

It is critical that things are done carefully and accurately to ensure quality of the product, as such, when the product has been made, the product is sent to the lab to be tested in Quality control.

Once passed Quality Control, the product is sent for filling. The filling subdivision is responsible for preparing the products for distribution. The product is filled into cans, cleaned and correctly labelled and sealed securely for safe circulation.

Quality Control.

The QC Department ensures the quality of each and every batch that leaves our factory.

The Quality of our products is safeguarded by testing of the following:

• Viscosity (measure of its resistance to deformation)
• Grind (cleanliness)
• Weight
• Anomalies (smoothness, orange peel, fish eyes, opacity)
• Tint strength
• Gloss level + more

Colour Matching.

The Colour Matching Department produces anywhere from 150 - 300 colours a day. The department runs purely as a service to our customers and we pride ourselves on our ability of customer satisfaction. 

Quality and accuracy is at the forefront of our priorities and we ensure the highest standard for our customers.

Light base colours are made using pre-filled base white which is then tinted by a Corob machine. It is then shaken up, sprayed out and dried. When the sample is dry it is then sent into the lab to be checked with the use of a Spectrophotometer and colour matching software. 

For more information, read our Colour Matching Guide.

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Order Processing.

Our Customer Service staff manage many phone calls, emails, text message orders, walk-in customers as well as processing hundreds of orders throughout the day.

We have implemented processes to ensure the best outcome for the producing and delivery of your order to have goods arrive to you in a timely manner.


Our Warehouse is immense, at about 5,000m² it hold millions of litres of product and thousands of stock items ready for dispatch.

The Warehouse looks after the housing of stocked items and ensures products make it to our customers as soon as possible.

Our Warehouse ships to around the world, interstate as well as locally.

We have implemented a shipping system that better allows us to track and manage shipments.

Our Equipment & Accessories Catalogue.

Our Equipment & Accessories Catalogue may be useful for customers who often need to purchase equipment and accessories for their factory.

The Catalogue is divided into Categories to easily find what you are looking for.

Download it now or contact us to ask for a physical copy.

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