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The environmentally friendly option

A waterbased, single pack, polyurethane coating

Aquacolor is an environmentally friendly, water based coating system for glass, timber & other substrates.

Aquacolor is specifically designed to meet environmental requirements and still retain the integrity of a solvent based system.

Aquacolor is a water based polyurethane, which is internally cross-linked during production to provide resistance to chemicals, moisture and heat, maintaining colour depth, vibrancy and structural integrity.

Aquacolor when used for glass coating, retains all the adhesive qualities of Vetrocolor, yet complies with all the latest standards in Green / 5 Star production.

Architects and designers now have the option to meet environmental and Government specifications and retain confidence that the coating will retain its durability and performance on a production scale.

Aquacolor is available as a White and Black base with 12 tinters to provide an unlimited range of colour options.


Low VOC ratings

Resistance to Moisture

Durability to weathering

Chemical & mechanical resistance

Greater covering power due to higher solids content

Fast cure and handling times for production



The colours we offer off the shelf are:

Hi-op White & Clear in 10 litre pails.

Aquacolor is available as 14 tinters to provide an unlimited range of colour options which we provide through our Colour Matching service.

Procedure Manual.


Information Flyer.



Equipment requirements are minimal for the Aquacolor coating system.
Compressor & Receiver

Air supply.

Refrigerated Air Dryer

Removes moisture from air lines.

Pre & After Filters

Oil and foreign materials are removed from air lines.

Spray Booth
Removes fumes and over-spray.
Boil Tanks
Used for adhesion testing.
Electronic Scales
(to .1gm) - Measuring paints and additives.
Spray Gun

(2mm setup) - Application of paint on Glass.

Spray Masks

Approved spray masks to be used to protect painter from fumes.

Heating room

To accelerate production - an air-conditioned room may be required for painting if the climate is not conductive to paint application (e.g. in very cold or humid climates).

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Booth Filters



Spray Guns

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