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The perfect bed liner, under body deadener or an exterior protective texture.

PREDATOR is a fast dry 2K HS PU texture coating suitable as a bed liner, under body deadener and as an exterior protective texture and barrier coating for all types of vehicles which require high resistance and protection to withstand abrasion, chipping, scratching, marking, impact, and more. 

PREDATOR has excellent flexibility, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance and outperforms all other comparable products for weathering. 

PREDATOR comes in white, black and tintable versions and will give varying texture appearance depending on how it is applied. It has excellent filling properties & appearance and is specifically formulated to meet the high-performance requirements of today’s Refinish Quality systems.

PREDATOR can be air dried or low baked. This product gives extra film build, fast drying and delivers excellent adhesion & gloss holdout qualities.

PREDATOR is based on the latest PU-isocyanate technology.

Simple to use.

PREDATOR is so simple to use. It's as easy as 1,2,3 with fool proof instructions on the label.

When using the 1 litre or 4 litre kits...

When using the 5 litre or 25 litre kits...

Fast drying for a reliable fill & finish.

Can be used on many substrates.

PREDATOR can be used on Aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel, wood, fibreglass, 1K & 2K Etch Primers, 2K Epoxy Primers, cured topcoats, polyester putties, wood, some plastics and more. Refer to TDS for more information.

Can be made in any colour.

PREDATOR is available in black, white or tintable.
You can purchase the Tintable version and tint it yourself, or we can tint it for you.
Refer to TDS for more information on tinting.

High resistance.

PREDATOR is impact, scratch, chip, corrosion, water, chemical & UV resistant.

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