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We pride ourselves on being able to give the best Technical Advice to our customers.

Our knowledgeable Technical Advisers / Sales Representatives can help you with anything you need.

BC Coatings offers a quality Technical Advice service that includes over the phone consultations and product recommendations as well as on-site training and guidance. You can also find help regarding the equipment we sell in our showroom, our reps are very familiar with the products we sell.

Our customer base of over 1,000 customers (Sydney) will all tell you about our experienced Technical support team and how they can help you achieve the best results for your business.

Their expertise spectrum ranges from Polyurethane finishes through to Stains and Automotive, and everything in between. All experts have knowledge of all our systems and can help with any questions you may have.

Our Technical Advisors / Sales Representatives.

Find an Advisor in your area.

Carlos Mendes (NSW)

Specialises in: Polyurethane

Experience: 17 years

Mobile: 0477 979 766


Carlos Mendes brings with him over 15 years of experience in the painting industry. Carlos has knowledge from working in Colour Matching and Sales and has extensive knowledge of spray equipment.

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Frank Araco (NSW)

Specialises in: Polyurethane

Experience: Over 30 years

Mobile: 0499 505 404


Frank started his career as a French polisher and was in that trade for 5 years. He then went into the polyurethane sector spraying kitchens and commercial.

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Rachael Shaw (NSW N/Coast)

Specialises in: Polyurethane

Experience: 17 years

Rachael Shaw has been working in the industry for 17 years and has gained her immense knowledge base from her family, being spray painters and also from running a furniture business where she also ran the paint department.

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Alan Green (NSW)

Specialises in: Stains & Polyurethane

Experience: 35 years

Mobile: 0400 445 050


Alan possesses a solid 14-year foundation in the French Polishing industry, which he seamlessly transitioned from as he embarked on a successful journey in the coating industry sales sector.

William Bennett (WA)

Specialises in: Timber Coatings

Experience: 32 years

Mobile: 0499 051 187

William is a is from a French Polishing trade background and has been servicing the WA market in timber coatings sales for the last 14 years.

Scott Ridout (WA)

Specialises in: Automotive

Experience: 22 years

Mobile: 0499 046 413

Scott is an automotive painter by trade and has worked in distribution for the last 8 years.

Shane Cowie (WA)

Specialises in: Automotive & Industrial sales

Experience: 12 years

Mobile: 0427 776 115

Shane is an automotive painter by trade and has worked in distribution for the last 5 years.

Daniel Devitt (WA)

Specialises in: Industrial & Timber Coatings

Experience: 22 years

Mobile: 0499 046 707


Daniel has worked in the Industrial, Timber, Marine & Automotive paint markets for the last 22 years with both distribution and Manufacturers.

Roger Cordwell (QLD)

Specialises in: Polyurethane, Industrial & Timber Coatings

Experience: 37 years

Mobile: 0419 740 639


Roger has been servicing the Queensland market in sales of coatings for 27 years. 

Matt Cordwell (QLD)

Specialises in: Polyurethane, Industrial, Timber Coatings & Accessories 

Experience: 8 years

Mobile: 0427 931 040


Matt has spent 8 years in paint sales and distribution.

Spraypainting Trouble Shooting Guide.

You may come across certain problems whilst spraying, which may be caused by anything from the weather to misuse of the product.

You can read about the causes of these problems, how to fix them and how to prevent them from happening again in the future, by downloading our full Spray painting Trouble Shooting Guide.

Some of the problems that are covered in this guide include:
Air Entrapment, Bleeding, Blistering, Cracking, Dust Contamination, Fish eyes, Loss of Gloss, Orange Peel, Peeling, Pin Holes, Runs / Sags, Sanding Marks, Seediness, Slow Film and many more.

Download now

Our Technical Guides.

Trouble Shooting Guide

Temperature Guide

Colour Matching Guide

Product Table

Our Product Manuals.

Vetrocolor Procedure Manual

Aquacolor Procedure Manual

Our Maintenance Guides.

Maintaining your polyurethane kitchen

Maintaining your polyurethane finish

Maintaining your waterbourne coating

Maintaining your anti-graffiti finish
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