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It's true! Our products do stand the test of time!

It's true! Our products do stand the test of time!

It's true! BC Coatings' products do stand the test of time!

Recently we were visited by one of our longtime customers Neil Bilsborough, who is a very skilled carpenter and has been building boats for many years.

Upon beginning of his latest project 'Totally Sinister' (after many other very 'sinister' projects throughout the years), Neil came across an old can of BC's EP200 Grey Epoxy Primer.

Seeing on the can that it had been manufactured in 1996, Neil thought he'd better check if the paint was still usable.

Neil visited us, EP200 can in tow and asked the question. We had the paint tested (just to be sure), and found that the paint was in perfect condition and 100% usable! Neil already knew that our paint was good, but was impressed by its longevity.

We were so happy to know that one of our oldest customers is still using and is still happy with our product after all these years!


Read what Neil had to say about BC Coatings:

Back in 1996 I came across BC Coatings when they were based at Botany. At the time I was building my second Hartley TS16 sailing boat and I am now up to my 5th boat.

On all these boats I have used B.C. Coatings products. Why? Because they are reliable, easy to use and I have never had any problems with the finish or the durability of their products.
I have used their:
EP200 2-Pack Epoxy Primer Part A & Part B
UT100 2-Pack Acrylic Urethane Topcoat (Full Gloss)
In all the years of my regular racing these boats on a weekly basis, National Championships (held usually over a week) and State Championships, the products never let me down. I have had dings, to the boat, but the finish has never cracked or lifted. These products, in my opinion, are brilliant.
I have followed the company from Botany to Smithfield and now Ingleburn just recently. The staff have always been very helpful and willing to assist with all my needs.

Thank you Neil for your loyalty, and we wish you all the best with your new venture 'Totally Sinister'!

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