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The Brushless Alternative

The Brushless Alternative

Festool have designed an alternative to brush sanders, which not only is hassle free, but this particular sander is up to 400g lighter than other similar sanders and boasts even more impressive features.

Let's have a look at the features of the ETS EC 150mm Brushless Random Orbital Sander:

Health and Safety First Festool ETS EC Brushless Sander

Health and Safety First

Firstly, this sander guarantees an ergonomic, comfortable fit and weighs less than other similar sanders which puts less pressure on the operator. The "Vibration Control System" teaches the motor to think. Active regulation of the speed automatically reduces the operating performance when vibrations are too high. The result is smoother operation and a greatly improved feel when sanding with noticeably fewer vibrations.


Brushless Motor Festool ETS EC Brushless Sander

Brushless with longer service life

One of the other main impressive features that many users love is the fact that the EC-TEC motor is brushless, which means less mucking around. The motor is also fitted with top-quality components which guarantees a long service life.


Smooth sanding Festool ETS EC Brushless Sander

Smooth Sanding

The perfectly positioned push-button prevents the ETS EC 150 from being switched on or off accidentally which can disrupt a smooth workflow. To further ensure a smooth result, the sander protects not just the workpiece but also the operator. The sanding pad brake, which is tipped with robust carbide, permanently prevents the sanding pad from revolving too quickly when it is in a no-load state and enables the tool to be applied to a surface without producing scratches and to be set down quickly.


3mm or 5mm stroke Festool ETS EC Brushless Sander

Perfect for any application

Available as the ETS EC 150/3 with a 3 mm sanding stroke for fine sanding and extra-fine sanding, or as the ETS EC 150/5 with a 5 mm sanding stroke for light sanding and intermediate sanding of varnish and paint, this sander is suitable for any application.

Watch this video before making your choice to ensure the features of the ETS EC 150mm Brushless Random Orbital Sander are best suited to your application.


Or watch this video to find out more about the ETS EC 150mm Brushless Random Orbital Sander.

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