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Tell graffiti and tough stains to 'Vamoose'!

Tell graffiti and tough stains to 'Vamoose'!

There is not much worse than arriving at your place of work only to be confronted by a despicable act of vandalism on the front of the building for all your customers to witness. Graffiti can have a monumentally negative effect on the way people view your business, not to mention the harm to property value and the cost of having the graffiti professionally removed.

It is important to get rid of graffiti as soon as it appears to ensure its complete removal and so to not encourage further anti-social behaviour in the future.

BC320 Vamoose Universal Cleaner and Graffiti Remover is the newest revolution in graffiti removal and in harsh stain and ink cleaning!

Made using a scientifically developed blend of water soluble, non-flammable, low toxicity environmentally friendly ingredients, BC320 Vamoose is the safe choice for the removal of many heavy duty stains.

It is so powerful, it can help remove graffiti, not to mention acrylic and enamel aerosol spray paints, permanent markers, fluorescent paints, bitumen stains, crayon and lipstick from a multitude of substrates including rigid unpainted surfaces, porous surfaces, previously painted and sensitive surfaces (such as some plastics or fabrics), bitumen and ceramic anilox.

Best results can be achieved when Vamoose is treated to the affected area within 24 hours. Ensure you refer to the data sheets before use. Available in a 750ml spray bottle for easy use.

When you are faced with strong graffiti and ink stains, contact BC Coatings today and tell them to 'Vamoose'!

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